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TikTok APK for Android

TikTok, a social media sensation, has taken the world by storm. Developed by ByteDance, this app allows users to create, share, and discover short-form videos on a wide range of topics. With its user-friendly interface and extensive music library, TikTok provides a platform for creativity, entertainment, and viral trends.

Engaging Content and Creative Expression

One of TikTok's defining features is its ability to captivate audiences with engaging content. Users can unleash their creativity by recording videos set to music, adding effects, and using a variety of filters. This allows for a diverse range of content, from lip-syncing performances to DIY tutorials and comedic sketches.

Viral Challenges and Trendsetting

TikTok has become synonymous with viral challenges and trends. Users often participate in challenges by creating their own unique videos based on a specific theme or prompt. This dynamic aspect of TikTok keeps the platform constantly evolving, as new trends emerge and gain popularity within the community.

Global Community and Influencers

The TikTok community spans across the globe, with users from various cultures and backgrounds. This diversity contributes to the platform's rich and varied content. Additionally, TikTok has given rise to a new generation of influencers, who amass large followings and have a significant impact on trends and popular culture.

Entertainment, Education, and More

Beyond entertainment, TikTok also serves as a platform for education, providing tutorials, informative content, and sharing knowledge on a wide range of topics. Whether it's learning a new skill, exploring a hobby, or simply enjoying entertaining videos, TikTok offers something for everyone.

TikTok is a free Android™ video players editors app. Download TikTok APK direct installer latest version updated by TikTok Pte. Ltd. original developer. Please verify that it is the correct TikTok developer, do not forget to read the premium antivirus report before downloading.

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  • APK Name: TikTok
  • Category: Android Apps
  • Subcategory: Video players editors
  • Package Name : com.ss.android.ugc.trill
  • Version: 18.2.3 for Android Min SDK Jelly Bean 4.1.x
  • Developer: TikTok Pte. Ltd.
  • Signature: ✓ 00A584E375B5573C89E1F06F5CF60D0D65DDB632
  • Language: English and others
  • File Size: 87.2MB
  • Google Play Store: Found
version 5.3.5

Older version 5.3.5 TikTok APK

73.7MB 5.3.5

version 1.9.3

Older version 1.9.3 TikTok APK

52.2MB 1.9.3

version 4.4.4

Older version 4.4.4 TikTok APK

73.7MB 4.4.4

version 1.8.5

Older version 1.8.5 TikTok APK

50MB 1.8.5

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