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HTC Music App is a free Android™ app. Download HTC Music App APK direct installer latest version updated by original developer. Please verify that it is the correct HTC Music App developer, do not forget to read the premium antivirus report before downloading.

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  • APK Name: HTC Music App
  • Category: Android Apps
  • Package Name : com.htc.music
  • Version: 8.10.863696 for Android Min SDK Lollipop 5.0
  • Signature: ✓ 2E4BA2C41AA8807365142B6A24114CC054D12C46
  • Language: English and others
  • File Size: 11.7MB
  • Google Play Store: Not found
version 7.0.493366

Older version 7.0.493366 HTC Music App APK

10.3MB 7.0.493366

version 7.50.640941

Older version 7.50.640941 HTC Music App APK

10.9MB 7.50.640941

version 8.10.826168

Older version 8.10.826168 HTC Music App APK

11.7MB 8.10.826168

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