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APK Editor is a powerful application that allows users to modify and customize Android apps (APK files) to suit their preferences. Developed by SteelWorks, this versatile tool provides a platform for users to explore and personalize various aspects of Android applications, from changing app names to even altering functionalities.

Key Features and Capabilities

APK Editor offers a range of features that empower users to make modifications to APK files. These include:

Resource Editing: Users can modify resources within an app, such as images, icons, and other visual elements.

Code Editing: For users with coding knowledge, APK Editor allows for direct editing of the app's code, enabling custom functionalities and behaviors.

Manifest Editing: Users can alter the AndroidManifest.xml file to change app permissions, versions, and other attributes.

Rebuild and Install: APK Editor provides the capability to rebuild modified APKs and install them on devices for testing and use.

Uses of APK Editor

APK Editor serves a variety of purposes, including:

Customizing UI Elements: Users can change the look and feel of an app by modifying its resources, making it more personalized.

Removing Ads: APK Editor can be used to remove ads from free versions of apps, providing an ad-free experience.

Adding New Features: For developers and advanced users, APK Editor allows the addition of new functionalities to existing apps.

Learning and Experimentation: It serves as a valuable tool for learning about Android app development and experimentation.

Important Considerations

While APK Editor offers powerful customization capabilities, it's important to note that modifying apps can sometimes lead to unexpected behavior or compatibility issues. Users should exercise caution and back up their apps before making any significant changes.


It's crucial to respect the terms of service of app developers and Google Play Store policies. Modifying apps may violate certain terms, and users should do so responsibly and for personal use only.

APK Editor is a free Android™ tools app. Download APK Editor APK direct installer latest version updated by SteelWorks original developer. Please verify that it is the correct APK Editor developer, do not forget to read the premium antivirus report before downloading.

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  • APK Name: APK Editor
  • Category: Android Apps
  • Subcategory: Tools
  • Package Name : com.gmail.heagoo.apkeditor
  • Version: 1.8.20 for Android Min SDK Honeycomb 3.2.x
  • Developer: SteelWorks
  • Signature: ✓ 35151140CDA9A490428A690D338D8F1FB87A4E7E
  • Language: English and others
  • File Size: 9.5MB
  • Google Play Store: Not found
version 1.8.17

Older version 1.8.17 APK Editor APK

9.5MB 1.8.17

version 1.8.7

Older version 1.8.7 APK Editor APK

9.1MB 1.8.7

version 1.8.10

Older version 1.8.10 APK Editor APK

9.1MB 1.8.10

version 1.8.8

Older version 1.8.8 APK Editor APK

9.1MB 1.8.8

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