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Top 6 free VPN Services for Android

Talk about VPN services makes it a very interesting topic, the use of this type of protection layers to surf the Internet have become very popular in recent years for two basic and lethal reasons: we have learned about the huge amount of surveillance government to which we are subjected when we access the network, and this has resulted in Internet users more concerned about their privacy, although not as many or as much as we should. Another very popular reason to use a VPN, is the ability to unblock websites, applications and their content that we otherwise could not use.
Although for some it seems obvious, for other users it is a surprise to find the fact that they can install a VPN in their smartphones and get the same protection as in their personal computers. There are many VPN applications that we have available for Android, and the best thing is that we can hire these services on several devices, including the PC, of ​​course.
If you were looking for a good VPN for Android that allows you to unlock applications, web pages, and also protect your privacy, we recommend six of the best available.

Psiphon Pro APK Download

Psiphon Pro APK

11.7MB 170

Opera VPN APK Download


49.1MB 1.5.0

SlowDNS APK Download


9.5MB 2.5.3

VPN Robot APK Download


7.2MB 1.3.0

After we had made a very small selection of best VPN services for Android devices. It is clear that in the Play Store there are many other high quality proposals, also other free app that you could find all over the internet, in addition to online web services. What is your favorite? Write us and let us know!
2nr APK Download

2nr APK

9.5MB 1.0.39

BOMBitUP APK Download


9.3MB 2.27

Gear S Plugin APK Download

Gear S Plugin APK


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